"Vem i helvete" antar utmaningen!

Min kompis Lisa utmanade mig att svara på "The 10 Second Interview". Varför i hela världen den heter det har jag ingen aning om. Men okej. Here we go...

My name is...

A more appropriate first name for me would be...
Carl XVI Gustaf

What kind of parent would you be?
Hmmm.... a father...?

What did your mom write on your lunch bag?
"Orphan child. Like him? He's yours!"

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Janne Schaffer, or as I said: "Nanne Faffer"

I wish I were a character in...
the greek alphabet. I'd be sigma, Σ. An M taking a nap.

If I were a Disney character, I'd be...
Arian, the little nazi merman.

If I were a guest on "Jerry Springer," the topic would be...
"Why I killed Jerry Springer"

What do you wish you had never done?
Ketamine with Runar Søgaard

When they write my obituary, I hope they mention...
that I'm dead.

Blonde, Brunette, or Redhead?
Whichever. As long as the curtains match the carpet. Or better yet - the carpet is taken out.

The best music comes from...

What's your favorite type of cuisine?
Norwegian. But I can't ever a-fjord it.

What would your super hero name be?
The Incredible Hunk

I want my last meal to be...
chicken sushi.

If I had to jump from the top of a building, I'd prefer to land in...
a tampon factory.

What question would you ask God?
WTF dude??! WTF??!

I believe in...
homeopathy! Hahaha no, not really!! :-D

What was your worst fashion mistake?
Being alive in the 80s.

I wouldn't mind being stuck in a closet with...
claustrophobia. What a rush!! :P

What's the biggest difference between you and your parents?
They're twice as many.

What's the dumbest excuse you've used to break up with someone?
"You deserve someone better" ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!111

What are the strangest two foods you've combined together?
Hamburgers and ketchup.

What would you do if you could be invisible?
Play poltergeist at Caroline Giertz's house!!

I wish I had a miniature...
penis. It's hard work dragging along this monstrous thing.

What's your favorite charity?
The one trying to stop....you know...bad things and stuff.

Bury me with my...
...iPod. And all other peoples too, because they suck.

For my first wish, I wish...
for an unlimited amount of wishes. Oh, and a Snickers bar.

What does the tooth fairy do with all those teeth?
She sells them to Denzel Washington.

Boys go to Jupiter to get more...

Girls go to Mars to get more...

If I'm reincarnated, I'd like to be a...
chuckling retard.

For the talent portion of the competition, I will...
silently calculate pi in my head.

Why do people watch reality shows?
they are studying to get a life...?

When the aliens arrive, I hope they bring...
that sturdy anal probe again.

The last time you cleaned your room, how many hours did it take?
My "room"? What am I, 8?

I like to put ketchup on...
Fredrik Strage, 'cause he's a weiner.

I'm looking forward to...
finishing these damn questions.

If there's another book, it should be called "Harry Potter and The ..."
wood chipper that ate him.

I like my men/women how I like my...
....rhinos. Dirty and horny.

What's the best compliment you've ever received?
something like blah blah blah you're such a good listener blah blah blah

What advice would you give your younger self?
Go get some therapy, already!!!

I knew I was an adult when...
I could change my own diapers

If you discovered a planet, what would you call it?
P. Diddy (P is for planet)

What was (or will be) your wedding song?
REM: The end of the world as we know it.

Who would you want to be with on a desert island?
Babben Larsson. Part for the fun, part for the abundance of meat.

What is/was your imaginary friend's name?

God is...
one lazy ass mf. Worked for six days and then bailed on us.

I believed in Santa Claus until I was...
given a LEGO Post Office (!) for christmas.

What would your olympic event be?
bar hopping

What was your first live concert?
Dad and his damn accordion.

If you were a ghost, who would you haunt?
Demi Moore. We'd make pottery.

I like to put mayo on...
you. Call me!

I collect...
hepatitis. Alphabetically.

I feel most powerful when...
I've done massive amounts of Bunny Sunrise (vodka and AA batteries)

Ah! To be young and...
allowed to poop your pants whenever you feel like it...

Why did Jack and Jill really go up the hill?
They were snowboarding.

If you were a vegetable, what vegetable would you be, and why?
I'd be a habanero. Too fuckin' hot for YOU!

Though I try to hide it, I'm actually...
a new age vegan communist.

How many days past expiration are you willing to drink milk?
Milk has an expiration date?!? Is that before or after those tasty lumps start to form?

If I lived in the year 1800, my profession would be...

I'd describe my sense of humor as...
an ingrown toenail. Painful and stinky.

I think Global Warming is...
pretty cozy, but waaaay too slow.

The best ride at Disneyland is...
the girl who plays Minnie Mouse.

My biggest regret is...
agreeing to answer these damn questions.