"Irina" skickar mail...

Bifogad bild på en flicka som antagligen inte har ett skit med mailet att göra.
Från: Carter Sutton [xxxxxe@xxxx.xxx.xxx.sg]
Skickat: den 22 januari 2009 09:24
Till: anders@vemihelvete.se
Ämne: I have decided to write to you.


We got acquainted with you on a site familiar, and to me were so pleasantly with you to get acquainted. But I would like to study you more.

And I have recollected, that you gave me the electronic address, and I have decided to write to you.

Some words about me. My real name - Irina, friends name me Ira. I - the unique girl from Russia, now I live in settlement - Sovetskij My age 27. I have been given birth August, 27-th, 1981, my sign on the zodiac - Deva, mine growth - 176 sm, weight - 56 kg. I have blond hair and brown eyes. (you can look also at a photo in the appendix).

Friends speak, that I am the attractive, optimistic, kind and sensitive person. I love theatre, a museum, I like to be engaged in aerobics and I visit sports a hall, but work borrows a lot of my time.

At leisure I like to read books, to look cinema and to prepare. O! Yes, I prepare very well, and I like to try new dishes.

I search for true love , my best friend and the soul mate. I want to meet the reliable and responsible person who will be the special person for me. I only need in one special person and I have no any interest in others.

I put a photo, what you knew my person, please tell to me that you think of my photo - well? Also I want to ask, that you have sent me some your photos!

Please reply only at me personal e-mail: irina.xxxxxxxxx@xxxxx.xxx

I am very open also me easily to learn, so please ask me something.

Please tell to me more about you, and send to me your picture.

I wait your message,

Jag ska inte vara sämre än att jag författar ett trevligt svar på mitt modersmål, och kör genom Google translate jag med:

Från: Vemihelvete-Anders [anders@vemihelvete.se]
Skickat: den 22 januari 2009 11:35
Till: Irina [irina.xxxxxxxxx@xxxxx.xxx]
Ämne: Re: I have decided to write to you.

Hello "Irina"!

I think you are wrong you. Probably have you found my address on a web page.

Personally, I think it is very exciting to get spam and fake e-mails. They are the only mail I receive, in addition to bills and angry comments from blog readers.

So of course I want to study you too. Send me your account number so I can put over tjufemtusen span or so, and then you can get to the warm and sunny Sweden. It could well be najs?

Have it so nice, and please health Carter Sutton who was kind enough to lend their e-mail to you.

/ Vemihelvete-Anders