E-post från "Elena"

Från: Carlos Schulz
Skickat: den 27 februari 2009 15:51
Till: anders@vemihelvete.se

Ämne: I search man for close relations

Hello! My name is Elena.

What is your name?

I search man for close relations, you will ask me, why I am in the Internet and how I found your adress. I think Internet helps people to find new friends and their love in our busy daily life.

I did not think before that it is possibly to find man in the Internet and to connect life with whom the one whom you did not see before, but some my girlfriends found nice men and friends through Internet, so I decided to meet in the Internet too.
I am alone and I decided to use this unusually way. I came to the internet cafe, I use Internet in the first time, and I don't understand much in the Internet and in acquaintances through web, the manager, which work here helped me to find your adress, he worked in the firm of acquaintances through the Internet. In this firm there were some adresses, of the men, which searched acquaintances, so he gave me your adress and I decided to write you.

If you will have interest in me, I will glad to tell you more about myself and write you more in my next letter.

Från: Vemihelvete-Anders <anders@vemihelvete.se >
Skickat: den 27 februari 2009 16:12
Carlos Schulz
Ämne: Re: I search man for close relations

Hello Carlos ... sorry, Elena!

Thank you for your e-mail. My name is Vemihelvete-Anders. The manager is correct. I seek acquaintances in the internet, and for this I have put up my personal ad page called Vem i helvete...?! where I tell a bit about myself and my interests in skogspromenades and finding close relations and true love.

I can tell from your picture that you know how to handle balls with great care and the slightest touch. This is much appreciated.

However, I am so sorry to inform you that it turns out we have no future together. On monday I will be embarking on a rocket flight to the International Space Station, where I have been contracted to put up new wallpaper and repaint the quarters in dalablått and kurbits. This will take me FOREVER since I'm not really any good at that kind of handywork. It would be too heartbreaking to bear having a darling sweetheart waiting all the way down there, on earth.

I'm afraid must bid you farewell - do svidaniya -

Yours sincerely, and slightly teary-eyed,