Franska hundar talar engelska

Hittade följande lilla text på en blogg som "skrivs" av Patt Baflo - fransk bulldogg:


We are a family on four persons, Anette, Sven, Joakim and Linus. Karlstad town is our town, here has we lived in three years and before the lived we little outside. We enjoy good, has a delicate house and everything we need. We are open individuals that see to it that is important, everyone is helped to in order to enjoy in our house, blessing create and that we and our children sheep to be fresh.

Anette: 50 years and works as manager within the municipality in Karlstad. Has the interests that the dog, to arrange, to read and to paint.

Sven: 55 years and works home. We are also foster homes and has young people that building at us in shorter and longer periods. It requires that one of ourselves is home on full-time. Sven are very sport interested and likes that keep the house in order and take the boat out on the river.

Joakim: 16 years and goes on the upper secondary school, he will become police and reads now an uniform education. Jocke has gone two diving educations and sheep dive on 30 metres’ depths. He accustoms also boxing that requires a good physics and focus. He is one social and stable young guy.

Linus: 15 years and reads the last year in the mound stage. Linus wants to become dysksvetsare and will read gymnasie that joints there. Linus has also gone education to divers and sheep like Joakim dive on 30 metres’ depths. Linus bigest interests are his moped and musical. He is a nice and fun guy.

Tänk, Patt Baflos engelskakunskaper är precis så som man förväntar sig av en fransos. Usla.