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From: Natasha .W. Abdullah []
Sent: Wednesday, March 25, 2009 2:11 AM
Subject: Please Reply

Dear Friend,

Greetings to you and to every member of your family please permit me to Introduce myself, I am Mrs. Natasha Williams a Briton who got married to Mr. Omar Abdullah an Emirati National and a very prosperous crude oil Merchant who lost his life in an Air disaster on one of his Numerous business trips abroad.

I was diagnosed with esophageal cancer which has defied all medical treatment and my loving husband tried his best to make sure I live but the ugly hands of death took him away from me sooner than I expected. This left me alone in this cruel world. I have been struggling to live Withmy condition for the past two years now.

As i lay on my sick bed, i want you to help me in carrying out my last wish on earth which will be very profitable to you. i want to WILL my funds to you which i want you to distribute part of it to any charity home for me, please for further information as regards my reasons contact me on this email:

Mrs. Natasha W. Abdullah

Från: Vemmi Elveteh
Skickat: den 25 mars 2009 14:14
Till: 'Natasha .W. Abdullah'
Ämne: Re: Please reply

Dear Natasha,

I understand your grief completely. Four years ago I lost my beloved wife Fanni Elveteh to the pruritus ani disease. It was a difficult time in my life, and still today I can not believe she is not with me anymore. Some nights I still percieve faint scraping and scratching noises from the other side of the bed.

When were you diagnosed with the orchidometer cancer? Is there no means of chemotherapy or radiator therapy that could provide a cure? I know of a homeopathetic treatment based on diluted polonium that a lot of people claim have helped them. You should ask your doctor about this remedy.

About your issue: I am already a somewhat wealthy man, and could not possibly accept your money for my own gain. My action, should you be willing to accept it, would be to help you donate the money to charity, mainly the Pruritus Ani Research Fund or the NEWTA (Near Extinct Wildlife Taxidermist Association).

So, provided you are willing to do so, how do we go about this transaction?

Vemmi Elveteh

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